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16/10/2018 Weekly Lucky Draw Result

Congratulations To All Weekly Lucky Draw Winners!!!
First Prize x1 RM1111
darre****[email protected]
Second Prize x1 RM688
Shair****[email protected]
Third Prize x1 RM388
Asak****[email protected]
Special Prize x20 RM18 - RM88
Basa****[email protected] Poin****[email protected]
Syah****[email protected] Wanf****[email protected]
Etai****[email protected] Toda****[email protected]
Hito****[email protected] Dsyu****[email protected]
Ande****[email protected] Fonp****[email protected]
Wani****[email protected] Dait****[email protected]
Hani****[email protected] Hima****[email protected]
Wing****[email protected] Ingt****[email protected]
Expired Date Until : 22/10/2018
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